Welcome to the Groupsite for Techno Pros ~ We Give Life to Ideas.

This is a meeting place that provides us, the members of Techno Pros team a platform to interact with you. You talk anything about evaluating applications like workflow tools, project management tools, recruitment management tools, market feed systems, social networking platforms or ERP solution etc., or languages platforms like PHP, .NET, SQL, MySQL, C/C# or JAVA etc. We have a highly motivated and an experienced team that can help bring life to your ideas. 

The reason why we have come up with groupsite is to bring up a common platform for YOU. YOU here could be investors wanting to discuss and evaluate propositions where software development will be the key component, a developer wanting to discuss your queries or latest technologies or an end user who feels he has an idea and wants to see it materialize. We will be glad to be a participant and see how we can help. 

Please feel free to initiate discussions for the improvement of the groupsite and we shall be glad to take them up from time to time.

Remember: T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More





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